Sunday, September 09, 2012

All 71 luggage x-ray tributes and secrets at Star Tours

Star Tours in Orlando is rife with inside jokes and tributes. My previous article on the "Celebration VI" panel from the Star Wars convention in 2012 told many of the tributes on the ride, but there are a lot more in the queue. This post won't attempt to list all of them, but rather concentrates on the "bag gags" in the second room of the queue.

The droid here, G2-9T, is so busy chatting with us that he's not paying much attention to the intergalactic luggage moving through the security x-ray scanner behind him, even though that's ostensibly his job. Thus, we see lots of weapons and smuggled things inside. A great many are nods to Star Wars, but others are Disney specific.

There are 71 bags scanned (plus a further one or two that don't get scanned since the droid basically malfunctions for a few seconds as part of the show). Why 71? I'm guessing this is a tribute to 1971, when Walt Disney World first opened. I present all 71 to you here, in order as they appear at the ride (it repeats the cycle after it's over):

Battle droids. "You can call me Roger, if you want to." A Bambi reference!

Ewok playing drums on Stormtrooper armor.

Droid parts.

Major Domo from Captain EO.

A computer (which G2-9T blows up)

Mouse gloves.

That is NOT a toy. "To Tatooine... and beyond!"

Droid parts.

Captain Rex, our original Star Tours pilot.

Lando Calirissian, G2-9T says.

Incredibles suit.

Podracing gear.

C3PO's legs.

C3PO (who wakes up and curses at G2-9T... who then uses C3PO's own line "how rude" as a reply)

Space helmets. The oxygen tanks are labeled with the old logo for Space Mountain and "DASA" (Disneyland Aeronautical and Space Administration) - both from Disneyland in the 1970s.

G2-9T ignores all that, though. Instead, he sings "Star Tours, nothing but Star Tours" which is an adaptation of the "Star Wars" song created by SNL's Bill Murray. 


Teenager luggage: skateboard, roller blades, flip flops, cap and glasses.

C3PO's torso.

V.I.N.CENT, from the Black Hole movie.

A computer.

Figment. An earlier version of this scan showed Stitch instead. In both cases, the "live animal" was quarantined.

Hiking gear.

"What a cute toy Ewok!" (it moves a moment later)

Sorcerer Mickey hat and broom.

"Someone packed a lot of hair dryers!"

SCUBA gear.

Wall-E's stuff: lights, a VHS tape, a shoe with a plant growing in it.

Fashion alert! Are these your shorts, sir?

Droid smuggled into luggage.

This droid's head pops up, but I can't remember what it is. It looks a bit like Timekeeper's 9-Eye, but not exactly right.

"Someone's going to a costume party!"

G2-9T says: "What is that? Oh I see... IT'S A TRAP!"

Tennis racket, which G2-9T destroys as a threat.

Various weapons, which are allowed to pass.

Dangerous weapons that pass by, while G2-9T assures us he sees everything.

G2-9T's former coworker.

Droid parts.

Chewbacca's crossbow.

Musical instruments.

A lightsaber, which later ignites. Or as G2-9T calls it, a flashlight. "Always good to have in case the power goes out. And YOU THINK ABOUT THAT NEXT TIME" (a quote from Ellen's Energy Adventure).

"Give him a hand!"

Pit droid reading a tablet computer.

Jedi remote for lightsaber training.

Wall-E, again.

Mad Hatter's headgear.

R2-D2 mouse ears.

Helmets, gloves, and disc from TRON.

A dangerous tourist camera, which G2-9T destroys.

Hiking gear (mirror image)

Monsters Inc. teddy bear.

It's a riddle: O-bee-wand-key-N-"o"-B (Obi Wan Kenobi)

Fedora, coiled whip - must be Indiana Jones's luggage.

Captain Rex, again.

Goofy doll.

Cowboy stuff (and a fiddle). 

Another stowaway R2 unit.

Stowaway Jawa.

Droid parts.

Chip & Dale.

Madame Leota from the Haunted Mansion.

A dangerous musical "weapon" which G2-9T destroys.

Teenager luggage (mirror image)

TK-421's bag. G2-9T wonders why he's not at his post.

"This job [scanning luggage] beats welding old droids back together."

"Souvenir hats in the shape of Jar Jar Binks - how goofy is that?"

Anyone going to Hoth?

Homages to Adventure Thru Inner Space, the dark ride which preceded the Anaheim Star Tours (and showed a snowflake under a microscope - with us shrunk down to that size as well).

Aladdin's lamp.

Pit droid reclining like Luke, playing with a TIE fighter.

Stowaway droid.

Luke's set of mouse ears. As G2-9T says "This bag must have a twin!"

It's not clear to me if the narration has changed since the ride's re-opening in 2011, or if there are variations the same way that the ride itself has variations, but my visit on 9/8/12 did not line up perfectly with videos from 2011, either in the order of scans, the voiceover used by G2-9T (it was 80 to 90% the same, but not 100%), or the actual contents on the scan.

Kevin Yee is the author of numerous independent Disney books, including the popular Walt Disney World Earbook series and Walt Disney World Hidden History.