Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beer and Wine to be served at Magic Kingdom - Be Our Guest restaurant (dinner only)

Confirmed: the Be Our Guest restaurant will serve beer and wine when it opens this fall. Since it's French-themed, they will serve French (and Belgian) wines and beers. You will not be allowed to get it to go, and other restaurants are not getting it (for now).

Does this change everything? Alcohol served in the Magic Kingdom? Will it be seen as less of a "family park" as a result?

Although there are no plans to expand this, I think it's safe to assume this is a trial balloon. If things go well, we probably will see expanded alcohol sales in the MK someday in the future.

I don't really know what I think about this. It's not in keeping with the 'vibe' of the MK, that's for sure. Will it spoil everything? I'm not sure. I do know it would be a mistake to do that in Disneyland in Anaheim, though.

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