Thursday, July 03, 2008

PI clubs - CP and internationals?

Another reader email:

As a cast member, I need to think the closure of PI might also have to do with the CP's and Internationals. It really is a recipe for problems. I know of lots of CP's getting fired because of their actions at PI. Once the managers know there is a problem, they can have the cast member's ID "flagged" and find out how often the cast member is partying at PI. If the cast member's "sick days" are coming after PI nights, they are sent home. Losing their "slave labor" CP's hurts Disney. They might have to actually pay someone to work.

With the internationals it is the "sharing" of ID's. I know of drivers licenses that have been sold from arrival group to arrival group long after the original holder has left the country.

Lots of possible PR nightmares. If the clubs aren't making money, why put up with these problems?