Saturday, September 07, 2013

New inside jokes (tributes) added to Sunset Blvd

A few weeks ago I noticed a new detail added recently to Sunset Blvd, in the form of repainted / rethemed suitcases next to a Route66 sign. The previous look to these suitcases was all touristy-flowers and stamps as if to indicate passage through many countries, but now they look more period authentic (1930s on Sunset Blvd!) and there are names on them.

There are no accidental names in Disney theme parks - everything means something! Look closer. Do you recognize the names?

Turns out they are characters from the 1997 made-for-TV movie Tower of Terror. Fitting, since the 1994 ride which started it all is just up the street from here.

Kevin Yee is the author of numerous independent Disney books, including the popular Walt Disney World Earbook series and Walt Disney World Hidden History.