Thursday, June 16, 2011

SeaWorld: Amazing Sea Turtle Documentary Debuts in Orlando on June 24th

Turtle: The Incredible Journey, a family documentary directed by National Geographic Explorer’s Nick Stringer and distributed by SeaWorld Pictures, debuts Friday, June 24th in Orlando.

Turtle: The Incredible Journey is an award-winning film that follows the life and migration of a loggerhead turtle from hatching to maturity and a return to its original Florida nesting grounds. The loggerhead turtle, a threatened species, has one of the longest and most difficult migratory patterns of any marine animal: Sea turtles newly hatched on the East Coast of the United States (usually in Florida) make their way from the sand into the ocean, and then begin a voyage that can span the entire Atlantic Ocean, only to return decades later to that same beach.

The movie is playing at Pointe Orlando and Oviedo Marketplace. Check listings for show times.