Monday, July 09, 2007

FastPass problem number 4,532

For those keeping count, here's another reason FastPass creates problems: it requires a heavier staff than an attraction that doesn't run FastPass. Results include things like not having a greeter at the very front of the attraction, or the greeter having to pay more attention to return times than greeting.

Or, heaven forfend, the stuff they are supposed to control. Such as, oh I don't know, the hand-cranked sign saying how long the standby wait is? We walked past Pan two weeks ago and saw the line completely filling the outside queues and wrapping around in Fantasyland and generally making a mess. The standby sign said "20 minutes", when in fact it must have been 90, given that length. I conclude a guest must have moved that sign, and no one in the Cast noticed. Guests, thinking the line was short or fast moving, jumped in and the line got out of control. I wonder if there was a lot of rage as that supposedly short line stretched past the first hour?