Monday, July 09, 2007

Cinderella Royal Table price increase

Effective November 11, the prices will increase. Breakfast now costs $32.99 (adult) or $22.99 (child). Lunch costs $35.99 (adult) or $23.99 (child), and Dinner costs $40.99 (adult) or $25.99 (child).

Well, that's certainly expensive. My first thought was that this is increasingly a rip-off. Disney has a history of maximizing profits, after all (a point on dramatic display if they take away the "inclusion of tips" in the 2008 Disney Dining Plan).

But pause. These character meals do include a printed photo (rather than a hard sell for an extra $15 for one, like at Norway). That's not bad. And let's not forget the role of supply and demand. This place sells out a full 179 (if not 180) days in advance. People are willing to pay that much, apparently.

I'll say this for sure: it's not locals-friendly. But little is, these days.