Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Major line cutting at Universal's Mummy

Ever been in the single-rider line at USF's Mummy? It can save a ton of time. But it's right next to the standby line, and this weekend I witnessed four complete sets of youngers (all of them 18 or older, really) jumping from the single rider line into the standby line. In one case, they just elbowed their way in, and in the other cases, the standby line was mostly on the other side, since the line had split into two. This is bad for the standby line, since these "single riders" get up to the front of the line with no wait, and then switch into the line that moves more slowly.

There are two fixes that need to be done immediately: first, install netting underneath the poles of the guiderail. All of the line jumpers I saw went UNDER the rail. If there was netting here, like there is on the other side of the same line to prevent people from falling into the queue theming, that would solve the problem mostly. Second, they should abandon the idea of splitting up the standby line. Just use the one which wraps around the idol in the queue (and away from the singles line) and leave the singles line alone on this side of the room. That way, there's nothing to jump into.

And my goodness was there a lot of trash on the ground in this queue. Disney has been slipping lately, but Universal is worse.