Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Epcot: info, concourse, and scooters

A few tidbits:

1. Ever wonder what happens when Epcot runs out of the scooters, the ECVs (electronic convenience vehicles)? Simple. They tell the guest to call an Orlando service (AA Tourist, for instance), who will bring it right to the park. And it costs less than Disney's.

2. The secondary digital info board by Mission Space and Energy has a cousin in front of the Land pavilion now. This is a very nice touch and good guest service.

3. The area south of Innoventions (on the Land side) has long been un-used. In my family, we call it the Concourse because it always looked like an airport concourse. Well, the area has been rehabbed and looks even more like a concourse. In fact, I suspect the theming is meant to match the Soarin' look, which is just right across the way. The new character meet area is fine and all, but I'm upset they changed the carpet. The old carpet here had the Communicore logo on them, in reference to this structure once being part of Communicore. No more!