Monday, August 13, 2012

Club 33 - Review and photos

Do you know about that poorly-kept secret known as Club 33? It's a members-only club in Disneyland, in New Orleans Square (most of the second floor), and it actually lets you buy and drink alcohol! I've visited it twice before, but had the chance again on my recent California trip, so it was worth a quick mention here online. You have to know a member to get reservations; the general public can't cajole their way into this one. The list to join the club is very long and it takes years (and once you do join, it takes literally thousands of dollars).

The entrance is near the Blue Bayou. You press a button, state your name, and if you're on the list, you're buzzed in. The downstairs is just a small landing; there's a staircase and a glass elevator. You've got to ride up your first time!

Upstairs is a hallway to the right leading to the Trophy Room, a smaller dining room with dead animal head "trophies". The vulture is wired up to be an Audio-Animatronic, since Walt liked the idea of entertaining while people ate. And one chandelier has a microphone in it to let servers listen in to patrons, and then magically appear when people mentioned that they lacked salt (or whatever). This was never put into use; it's just a remnant.

Down the other hallway is the main dining room. On your way you'll pass an antique harpiscord and the full bar (drinks are about $10 each, but you'll want to gloat that you drank alcohol inside Disneyland, right?)

If you're here for a lunchtime buffet, those appetizer, salad, and dessert stations will be lined up along the hallway here. Otherwise, you pass to the main dining room.

After your meal, you can venture out to the balconies and look around New Orleans Square from a whole new perspective you've never seen before!

It's a great experience, and if you get the chance, leap on it. Everything is expensive (plan on $80/person without alcohol), but this is one of the most exclusive things you can do at a Disney park. You may even want to buy a few tokens with the Club 33 logo on them on your way out.

Kevin Yee is the author of numerous independent Disney books, including the popular Walt Disney World Earbook series and Walt Disney World Hidden History.