Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dinosaurs Alive - Trip Report

At both Cedar Point and King's Island, we found upcharge exhibits called "Dinosaurs Alive." We visited the King's Island version and offer the following trip report. Short version: definitely worth the $5/person upcharge.

The exhibit is one of only a few things in the park that is not included. I'm not that irritated by upcharge activities if they are things that not everyone can do (such as shooting galleries or video games - these have always been upcharge activities). Climbing walls are another example.

It's a walking exhibit; you walk a trail and see dinosaurs. But these dinosaurs move: heads shake up and down or side to side, tails swish (slowly). The belly of the T-Rex moves as its "breathes," which is a nice effect.

There are sound effects that go with the motions, so it can be a touch scary for very young children. Nothing too extreme.

But the movements are not constant. The dinos fall into a nonmoving state again after a few minutes.

Still, the effect is impressive. Often, movement of the visitors is what triggers the movement of the dinos, so they "come alive" when you get close. That's made even more cool because the path here is meandering and heavily forested, so there is a real sense of discovery.

It took us a full hour to get through this experience. Alas, we forgot about the air conditioned 3D movie nearby, so I can't report on that. But it would have made for an ideal follow-up.

Here's a video of the final portions of the walk-through at King's Island:

And here are even more photos of the event:

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