Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dance parties at DAK

Since early June, DAK has been running dance parties in the middle of the street in both Africa and Asia. The street party atmosphere is intended to provide music, kinetics, and action to otherwise staid sections of the park.

I think it works pretty well in Africa. We saw an impressively large group taking part in the group dance here. Not quite a flashmob, since they didn't know the steps ahead of time, but they were TAUGHT the steps by the singers. It worked, though it got in the way slightly.

Things were less successful outside the Yak and Yeti (still the world's worst/best name for a Disney restaurant). The DJ here wore Asian garb, and it seems incongruous rather than natural. Then, few people were dancing... except for one person in a white costume (an Asian wedding dress?) I didn't get it nearly as well as the African one.

I also ran into an actual flash mob at Epcot. The CMs were leading Guests (mostly Brazilians) on a rousing dance of YMCA by the Village People.

Kevin Yee is the author of numerous independent Disney books, including the popular Walt Disney World Earbook series and Walt Disney World Hidden History.