Sunday, July 01, 2012

2010 WDW Earbook now available on Kindle

I've been publishing an annual, unofficial "Walt Disney World 'Earbook" since 2010. The 2011 edition was made available for both print and Kindle, but the 2010 version never had Kindle until recently. I've fixed that a little while ago (it costs $4.99 on Kindle) but forgot to announce it here.

Walt Disney World Earbook 2010
This book captures all the new attractions in pictures, and offers brief retrospectives for the closures. Many special events are also captured here--all through the eyes of one frequent visitor. A time line of events throughout the year puts the changes into perspective, and an index makes finding info easy.
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I suppose that, while I'm on the subject, I might as well use this opportunity to list, explain, and link to the other books I've written. Thanks to those of you who have bought one of more over the years. I try not to do too many "commercials" like this post!

Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris
Visiting Disneyland Paris might seem like a daunting task for many Americans, especially if they do not speak French. It's easier than you think, however, to make your way from the airport to your hotel, and to navigate around the parks. All you need are a few "top tips"! This e-book provides the essentials. Anyone familiar with Disneyland or Walt Disney World won't need detailed information about rides, but they might want to know which attractions to prioritize or which to skip, and this book provides the answers. It's intentionally not an exhaustive resource. By design, it narrows down the advice to just the principles, concepts, and wisdom you'll need to make your own on-the-spot adjustments. By providing only the "top tips," the book lets you make informed decisions about where to go and when, but also keeps the elements of surprise and discovery intact on your vacation. 
Kindle Edition

Walt Disney World Earbook 2011
Re-live the special events, additions, removals, and alterations with this yearbook-style volume designed to show, using hundreds of pictures, how rapidly the portrait of life at Walt Disney World changes. A timeline provides a comprehensive overview, and an index at the back will make finding information even years from now a breeze. 
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Walt Disney World Hidden History
The book pays special attention to the inside jokes and hidden references to Walt Disney World’s past. Think of it as a guided tour through all four parks, pointing out all the artifacts and remnants from former attractions. You'll be astounded how many references remain!

Jason's Disneyland Almanac
With Park hours for 19,484 of the 20,257 days covered here, plus weather for each day, Disneyland attendance from July 17, 1955 through December 31, 1966, openings, closings, debuts, endings, events, and famous visitors, Jason’s Disneyland Almanac provides detail on every day in Disneyland’s history through the end of 2010. For most visitors, this compilation will capture the basics of Disneyland on their first visit: the Park hours and the weather.
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Christmas in Walt Disney World
Take a photo journey with us that includes extinct guest favorites such as the Country Bear Christmas Special, an overnight visit to the Cinderella Castle Suite from Christmas week 2007, and a look around the Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts as you may see the decorations now. Kevin is the uncredited third author of this book
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Your Day at the Magic Kingdom
This children's book, in full color and hardcover, lets readers (or listeners in bed!) decide what ride to go on next, and thus are prompted which page to turn to. It's an interactive book, creating a customized experience for each young reader. 76 pages.
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Mouse Trap
Re-live fifteen years as a front-line cast member in Anaheim's Disneyland, in restaurants and in the Entertainment department, even taking a side trip into a fully empty Disneyland on the middle of the day during the September 11, 2001 events that closed major venues.
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Tokyo Disney Made Easy
The only guidebook in English for visiting the Tokyo Disney parks. More than just a guide to the attractions and shows, this volume sets out to make the trip effortless and painless for non-speakers of Japanese. Make travel to this country a snap!

101 Things You Never Knew About Disneyland
The book pays special attention to the inside jokes and hidden references to Disneyland’s past. Think of it as a guided tour through Disneyland, pointing out all the artifacts and remnants from former attractions. You'll be astounded how many references remain!
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Magic Quizdom
The only trivia book dedicated just to Disneyland. Even better than the multiple-choice questions are extended paragraph-length answers, so that each answer reads like a miniature exploration of a major element of Disneyland's past, present, and thematic landscape.

Kevin Yee is the author of numerous independent Disney books, including the popular Walt Disney World Earbook series and Walt Disney World Hidden History.