Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Star Trek the Exhibition now open on I-Drive in Orlando

Star Trek: The Exhibition has opened on International Drive (address: 7220). It's located north of Sand Lake on I-Drive (and north even of Chuck E. Cheese and Coco Key, on the "freeway" side of the street).

Here's the info from StarTrek.com:

Fans who missed The Exhibition in St. Louis, Louisville, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Detroit, Hollywood, Riverside and more, will welcome the rare opportunity to check out the largest collection of authentic Star Trek artifacts and information ever put on public display. The array of must-see exhibits, spread across 10,000 square feet, includes sets, props, costumes, etc., culled from the five live-action Trek series, plus all 11 films, including Star Trek (2009). More specifically, Star Trek lovers can see the life-sized ship model of the scorpion from Star Trek Nemesis, Dr. Crusher’s sickbay, a transporter room, a Borg head, communicators, ship models, a Trek timeline and more, including… Kirk’s chair. “After the successful opening of our first blockbuster exhibition “CSI: The Experience,” we feel that the Orlando market is ready for another hit exhibit,” says Christoph Rahofer, president and CEO of EMS Exhibits, Inc., producer of international, high-quality touring shows. “Our venue, 7220 IDrive.com, can accommodate numerous exhibitions simultaneously, offering visitors a convenient way to have a fun day at a first-class location, experiencing several shows.”

This sounds like it might be the same exhibit I saw at Kennedy Space Center last year.

There's also a facebook page for this exhibit.

Neither the facebook page nor the StarTrek.com site indicates how long the exhibit will remain in Orlando.

EDIT: be sure to read the comments below, where a reader visited the new exhibit but felt that the marketing was misleading. Of particular note: no photography will be allowed.

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