Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Superstar Limo: Ten Year Anniversary (slideshow)

Did you know the Phantom Boats? They are infamous in Disneyland history. They were located in the Tomorrowland Lagoon, an area that would later be used for the submarines. In those early days, they were individual boats with the asthetic of Batman.. and outboard motors that would die constantly. Driving around with no tracks would have been fun, but not if the motor died. They lasted less than a year at Disneyland.

Disney's California Adventure had its own such orphan, a poor dark ride attraction called Superstar Limo. The building and vehicles are now used for Monsters Inc., but the Limo ride which occupied the building at first was legendary for its awfulness. Crass, unfunny, and in-your-face boring, this ride lasted just over a year and then was closed completely.

Here's a video slideshow I put together to honor its ten year anniversary of closing (Jan 11, 2002):

Don't you wish you had bought some of that merchandise back in 2001? You can't find any of it now!!