Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orlando Thrill Park fails to pass first regulatory hurdle

Developers of a new theme park to be located across the freeway from Universal Orlando will have to regroup now that the Orlando Thrill Park failed to pass its first major regulatory hurdle. The Orlando Zoning board decided it just didn't have enough details on how much sound would drift over into a nearby neighborhood from the theme park's attractions. This means the Orlando Thrill Park will now have to hope that the city council will give them another chance.

While I love the idea of another theme park with an emphasis on the thrill ride aspect that teenagers often bemoan as missing from the current line up of parks in Orlando, I was never totally taken by the location. Sure, it had great visibility from the freeway but it lacked easy access via roads. I also worried that the park would quickly become boxed in by the very small 70 acres plot of land.

Even if this plot of land doesn't work out, I hope they're able to find a home somewhere... perhaps a bit further south on I-4... like say near the Gaylord Palms. I'm sure Osceola County would love the tax revenue if Orange County does not.

(via the Orlando Sentinel)