Monday, October 04, 2010

Fantasy of Flight this Friday and Saturday, The Living History Symposium: "Airmen in Captivity: The POW Experience".

Airmen in Captivity: The POW Experience
Oct. 8-9, 2010

World War II created 93,941 prisoners of war. However, life in the prison camps bore little resemblance of what is depicted in the movies and on television. Before the prison gates closed behind them, these fierce young airmen survived catastrophic flying trauma only to be captured and imprisoned by the enemy. What lay ahead was a psychological battlefield armed with a barrage of interrogation, isolation, and brutal conditions.

What did they experience? What did they learn? How did they manage not only to survive but to triumph of these real-life traumatic experiences? Learn about facing the enemy without as well as the enemy within, from these true American heroes.

This event features an open-forum/question-and-answer format with WWII prisoners of war.

Price: Free with general admission and for all Annual Pass holders.