Monday, August 10, 2009

New Stuff in the Park

It's amazing that you can live in Central Florida for five years, visit the Disney parks literally every weekend, and STILL find stuff that is new on every visit. This weekend here is the stuff that was new to me (some had clearly been adjusted months and years ago, but I don't see every last thing on every last weekend):

- centralized FastPass. Guess what? They are "unlinked", meaning you can hold all three! This is just a test, though, and was supposed to end last weekend. Who knows how long it will continue.

- stump with holes in it "point" to animals on the tree of life. If you put your eye to the holes, you see a tunnel through to the other side, and your vision is restricted to just one animal on the tree of life. neat.

- When Donald throws out instruments at the start of Philharmagic, he also throws out stars.

- the shop in the post-show has those same stars in the ceiling.

- the Up meet and greet was new for me

- the wall of framed scenes from Disney movies was gone and now there's a meet Sorcerer Mickey set up here. This is months old, but I hadn't bothered to see it until now.

- There is a scene of a farmer standing in a field of (wheat? corn?) in the Circle of Life movie that I'm pretty sure was used in American Journeys ("these days, there's darn few of us here on the farm"). Another scene shows "primitive" people walking in a field of flowers, and I'm 99% sure this is taken on a path I've climbed up at Maroon Bells in Colorado.

Pretty much every weekend of my life is like this. Incrementally, I learn more about Disney every single trip. Now this is living the dream!