Monday, June 01, 2009

Uni Queues: Who Knew?

How embarressing. I've lived in Central Florida for five years and had an annual pass to Uni that whole time, but there have been queues I've never set foot in. Namely: the regular (standby) queue for Mummy and for Men In Black.

When I first moved here, the Universal Express pass (front of line pass) was free, like Disney's FastPass. Now, you have to buy it. When the Express passes stopped being free, I started using single-rider lines when available, since I've had small kids in my family all this time and can't wait in line with the whole brood anyway.

Net result: I've never once stood in the Standby line for Mummy or MIB, until two weekends ago. I know I'm horribly, inexcusably late in saying this, but WOW! MIB has some themed rooms and animatronics (very cool), and Mummy has a much longer queue than I'd expected and some intricate "traps" that are interactive (also very cool).

I'm just tickled to discover stuff like that, even years later. I wonder how many decades it will be before Central Florida's park bore me? (hint: probably double digits, speaking in terms of decades)