Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crazy River toned down

I should have known it, and even predicted it. Deep down, I suspected it. Well, it's happened: they have toned down the 'crazy river' (the fast lazy river) at Aquatica since preview weekend.

In retrospect, I'm not surprised. The rapids sections of the circuit were so good, they sent your head underwater almost every time. And that's with the life vest on. It's what made it so much fun!

This happens to all rides. At Disneyland, I saw it happen to Roger Rabbit (fix: tighten up the wheel so you can't spin it so much), Splash Mountain (fix: cut the wave after the drop by 90%), Indiana Jones (fix: tone is down dramatically so it doesn't shake you like a rag doll).

To those of us healthy in body, the tone down process is always just a touch disappointing. We could have handled the more rough version!

Though I can see operationally why Aquatica would do this. They must have had lots of rescues at first. The crazy river was insane and intense at first. It's still fun now, but nowhere near as good as it was. Man, that sentence makes me sound old and crotchety.