Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Benches in Germany (and Epcot in Winter)

Fairly new to World showcase are regular, plain vanilla picnic tables (unpainted pine, even, by the looks of them) that sit waterside in Germany. This is a great idea, since Germany always sells food from vendors and has no place to sit. And there was a pretty large walkway along the water that holds plenty of room, which was just un-utilized before.

It's my favorite season at Epcot. Crowds are way, way down. Temps are down. The Wand is down! (yay!)

The Lights of Winter are up. The holiday fireworks finale is up. My blood-alcohol and thus my mood is up.

Benches? Sure, why not. Epcot is such an amazing park to have in my backyard, I can barely notice it when small things are added or taken away. Well, strike that. I notice it when they disappear. But this kind of small 'plussing' of the place keeps me going, and going, and going.

I suppose the occasional drink helps. Not that they make this easier. The beer stand at the UK, usually left open after Food and Wine, still stands but I haven't seen it open yet. In the UK pub itself, they've stopped selling those half-yards of beer or cider.

Doesn't matter. Epcot is still phenomenal. Especially at this time of year.