Tuesday, November 13, 2007

AT-ATs and Osborn

The Jedi training stage is there next to the AT-AT and it looks great. It's themed to the bunker entrance in Return of the Jedi. My wife joked we should jump on stage, hide in the sides of the bunker, and say the lines from the movie. We're geeks.

The AT-AT shoots water now (did it do that before? or just have the noise? or the noise plus lights?) and this soaks some people at night. Very amusing.

Osborn started up Monday night. Some thoughts:

1. there is more purple than ever before. pretty.
2. the dancing starts every 7 minutes, not every 15 minutes. this is much better customer service
3. the snow runs nonstop in the time when dancing is 'off', rather than saving money by only running some times. good customer service.
4. there is better choreography to the music this year. good show.
5. the new song is a lightning-fast version of jingle bells. I don't know if I liked it. At least it's more peppy than Feliz Navidad (which is just out place, it's so slow).
6. the 'side street' behind the Muppets exit is the barest I've ever seen. Where did the train go?