Monday, September 10, 2007

Wagons, Loops, and EMH

Three unrelated topics today:

1. At the MK on Sunday, I saw a mother pulling a store-bought heavy-plastic wagon, in which was sitting a girl. I had to blink at that one. I thought Disney prohibited pull-from-behind anything. Strollers are "push in front of you". Did the policy change? Did the mother get away with something?

2. Fantasyland last night had area music, as it always does, only this time, it was the Pinocchio Village Haus loop! The land needs a Matterhorn if they're going to play that all the time. I stopped a wandering manager, who agreed with me that it was new, and weird. Maybe it was a mistake?

3. Saw EMH wristband distribution multiple times, and something occurred to me: no one, and I mean no one, looks carefully at those keycards. Could someone cheat the system by using last year's cards? Could a local visitor like me just get ahold of 3 cards for my family and enjoy EMH illicitly forever? I happen to not like EMH (man, is it ever crowded - the MK got more crowded as the EMH hour approached) so I would never do this, but I did wonder about the cheating.