Thursday, June 21, 2007

Universal's decline by degrees

It gets much less press, but Uni has its own set of problems from the operational standpoint. It's also less extreme than you see at WDW.

But for comparison, here's what I saw at IOA last weekend:

1. Half the torches at the entrance to Jurassic Park had no fire.
2. The Wassamotta U shop has been closed and abandoned for years on end now.
3. The Triceratops Encounter is closed, abandoned, and boarded over, with no replacement.
4. Most restaurants close at 5, despite the park being open til 8. This may be to force folks out to CityWalk, where food costs even more, but it's not friendly.
5. The lagoon taxi has been closed for years too. And without a hub, this lagoon gets in the way.