Thursday, June 21, 2007

Parking at Uni-Florida

OK, I'll skip over the lameness of premium parking (and how easy it would be to put on my flashers and just illegally join that lane).

What I want to focus on instead is just how poorly staffed, and poor run, the parking is for the everyday folks. On a good day, you are directed to a row correctly, and once you get there, folks routinely ignore the directive to drive to the END of the row, and just park wherever they feel like. More than once I've seen the attendants lose control of the situation, and drivers just parking wherever they bloody well felt like.

There's a part of me that thinks this may be related to the ultra-cheap price of annual passes ($200 for two years currently, with Coke coupon), which attracts an audience less used to acting with class.

But what I saw this weekend had nothin to do with visitor and everything to do with the stupidity of the attendants. We were waved into a row that was completely full, something we didn't discover until we got to the end of the row. At Uni, there's only the guy at the end of the row telling you which row to go into, not a guy directing you into a spot. Thus, there is no way the guy will know if the row is full. We were on our own to find a spot by circling the lot down to another row and hunting for a spot where someone had left.

This is highly inefficient, wastes tons of time, and aggravates the visitor to no end.