Thursday, June 21, 2007

A minor rant: no upstairs condiments at Pizza Planet

Here's a small detail in the grander scheme of things. At MGM's Toy Story Pizza Planet, the ordering is done downstairs. The rest of downstairs is an arcade, so patrons head upstairs to find tables. There are a lot of tables, so this is convenient. What's not convenient is that there is not a single condiment cart upstairs, where the tables and chairs are. There's a cart downstairs, by the ordering, and this may catch a good half of the patrons.

But simply watch the patrons sometime. Go upstairs, camp out, and watch people when they find a spot. A healthy chunk of them sit down and realize they didn't pick up napkins and forks and so on (and a smaller minority had done so, but realize they forgot an item). So they look around where they are, which is upstairs. There is no cart up here.

I have a theory that this has to do with the presence of Custodial. It seems to me that only Custodial workers are upstairs, which is a different department from foods. Does the foods department not want to let anyone go upstairs?

I don't care about the politics. Fix it so the customers are best served.