Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tusker House converting to buffet

In August, DAK's counter service Tusker House will close. When it reopens in November, it will be a character meal buffet.

WHY? fans are screaming everywhere. I'll tell you why: this is yet another curse of the Dining Plan. You see, in late summer 2007, the Yak and Yeti will open up, featuring both CS and TS. Aha, people will exult. finally a sit down restaurant in DAK!!! But their excitement will be short lived. What do you mean, this doesn't accept my Disney Dining Plan (it's run by an outside company). They will be peeved.

Knowing this, Disney World is making plans now to create a TS in DAK that *will* be on the DDP. They looked around and saw they couldn't convert Restaurantosaurus, due to the contract with McDonald's. Flame Tree is outdoor only; that won't do for a buffet and TS. So they decided to chop up Tusker House.

Of course it's a mistake. They should have gone after Pizzafari, another indoor restaurant that has lots of seating. Losing that wouldn't be a crime, since the menu is so bland. But losing Tusker House is a major problem.

Blame the Dining Plan.