Monday, May 21, 2007

Nemo musical: bye bye Alison, Michael, Vanessa, etc

I hadn't been back to the Nemo musical in months and was in withdrawals. I made it back this weekend to see essentially a whole new cast (thank goodness we caught V. still playing Crush!)

I really miss Alison and Vanessa as Nemo. Apparently, Alison's last day was earlier this week, and she's left Florida. Michael, one of the Bruce actors, quit a few months ago and I didn't even realize it. He'll be missed, too.

Some of the opening-months cast was apparently "on loan" from New York from the beginning, so it's no wonder a few of them have been gone for some time. They had some really great voices, and great timing.

There are still some really strong performers in the Nemo musical, but there are also some new folks who haven't yet gotten the full comedic timing. It'll come. In the meantime, I'm very slightly in mourning for the dazzling show we got in those first few months.