Thursday, May 17, 2007

Disney's ballpark = money on the table

John at thedisneyblog recently wrote about the awful lines at the concession stands at Disney's Wide World of Sports.

Well, I was at that same game, and it's worse than he's making it sound. I stood in that line. It was excruciating.

I worked for nine years in a Disney restaurant and know just about everything there is to know about lines. If there's no line, you lose money because passersby don't know there is something worthwhile there, and they just don't stop. And if the line is too long, no one will stand in it.

And if the line is long AND it never moves, you've got a nightmare scenario for customer satisfaction. Not dire enough for you? Then think of this: a quickly-moving line would have meant at least triple the profit for Disney. 300%.

They are leaving money on the table. People were there, they had money, they wanted to buy, but we saw droves simply leave the line.

Stupid, pointless, and asinine. They need to fire someone at Wide World of Sports, pronto. And then work to fix the problem in a permanent fashion. This was one of the worst food experiences I've ever had. Certainly the worst at a Disney establishment.