Monday, March 26, 2007

Year of a Million Video Games

While at DisneyQuest on Saturday with my wife, four year old, and five month old, we were approached by a happy CM wearing the usual DQ outfit. He asked how we were and if we'd been on any rides yet. (They have "rides" in the form of VR simulators, raft simulators, a pirate boat video game in a whole room, etc). We said no, not yet. He offered to backdoor us on every single ride, one after the other, as we took part in a quest for Jack Sparrow's treasure. He'd accompany us on this journey, and at each ride, we'd search for clues for which ride to go on next. At the end there would be booty - I think meaning treats and chocolates and such.

My wife didn't want to - she had the baby strapped on her belly in a "snugli" sling. So we took a pass. It didn't occur to me until later that this may be DQ's version of the Year of a Million Dreams... this is how they make a family's dream come true. Had the kids both been older, we would have jumped at the chance.