Thursday, March 15, 2007

National Geographic's take on Orlando and sprawl

Thanks to Chris P. who pointed out to me, by email, a National Geographic article that takes on Orlando's sprawl and how the city really has turned into Disney (and the author doesn't mean that in a good way).

"All over Orlando you see forces at work that are changing America from Fairbanks to Little Rock. This, truly, is a 21st-century paradigm: It is growth built on consumption, not production; a society founded not on natural resources, but upon the dissipation of capital accumulated elsewhere; a place of infinite possibilities, somehow held together, to the extent it is held together at all, by a shared recognition of highway signs, brand names, TV shows, and personalities, rather than any shared history. Nowhere else is the juxtaposition of what America actually is and the conventional idea of what America should be more vivid and revealing. Welcome to the theme-park nation. "

The full article here: