Friday, March 16, 2007

Another Disney death

A visitor to Walt Disney World's Blizzard Beach water park collapsed of an apparent heart attack Thursday afternoon and later died at a hospital, theme-park officials said.


The death is the 10th involving Disney World rides and water-park attractions since late 2004.

The full story here:,0,1626148.story?track=rss

That really gave me pause. Ten deaths in a year and a half?! The vast majority, if not the complete totality, have been due to natural causes and pre-existing conditions. So it's not like Disney safety is to blame.

But look where these people are dying: climbing steps for water parks or after riding roller coasters. These people are NOT dying while riding any "Walt" rides (that is, rides the whole family can go on together). Something I hope they remember. Thrill rides do cause deaths.