Monday, February 05, 2007

Turtle Talk, Take 2

Turtle Talk is moving to another "pod" in the Seas; that much has been known. Kitty-corner to its current location is a closed off pod, top level and bottom level, that was obviously going to be the queue for the attraction - the idea is to get people and those switchbacks out of the middle of the room. And it's a good idea.

But where's the theater to be? A friend explained it would be where they used to show the movie "The Seas" (back when this was still The Living Seas and a Nemo-free pavilion). That confused me. Said theater, I thought, was on the OTHER side of the new queue built for the Nemo ride. Were they going to use a catwalk to get Crush guests over the Nemo queue?

Thanks to another friend (Mr. B!) I finally learned what's going on: the Crush theater is right next to the pods being reconfigured. Apparently, there were once TWO theaters for the Seas movie. The one to be undemolished for Nemo (and to be used for Crush) had been out of commission since the mid-90s, which explains why I forgot about it. So there's no need to cross the Nemo line at all.

Things are progressing on this attraction. A few weeks ago, I noticed a temporary wall separating Nemo and the Crush area had been replaced by a permanent wall, whose placement also makes managing wheelchairs easier on the Nemo attraction.