Thursday, February 22, 2007

A trip to Pleasure Island

It's been some time since I've stepped foot in Pleasure Island. Last time I was there, they were finishing the new bridge from the West Side, but the old one was still there. A walkway low to the water, going under the bridge, was down to its pylons and looked weird. A shop in the middle of the district was boarded up.

That shop was since torn down and rebuilt, though it looks similar to my mind's eye. The new bridge is all there is; there is no trace of the old bridge. (This was changed out to make the way across districts fully wheelchair accessible; the old bridge ended in a set of stairs while the new bridge slants upward).

The big change, though, is the removal of the stage next to that torn down building (there is still a stage over by the bridge and the comedy club). In its place is a new open area that leads to a boat stop. Yes, the boat that runs from House of Blues to Rainforest Cafe now has a stop in Pleasure Island, though only in the HOB to Rainforest direction, not vice versa. Was this boat stop always here? I rather fancy not.