Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cypress Gardens much busier

When we bought our Cypress Gardens 2007 annual passes a couple weeks ago, we did so because there were no lines for the rides. I mean absolutely no lines. The ride operators were waiting for any guest to show up, and when they did, riders got an instant ride.

The delighted us, but worries us too. What if the park went insolvent? We noted that they are building a huge wooden coaster (for adults) in spring 2007 as well as a giant kids' interactive playground, so the investment continues. We reckoned that was healthy enough to gamble the $60 on a pass.

We went back this past weekend, and my fears are completely assuaged. It was busier, and healthy levels of crowds. There weren't LONG lines, but there were very very very mild lines on every ride. This was just about the most I could hope for. Busy enough to make the park money (and thus stay open), but not so busy that it detracts one iota from the experience.

And our three year old remains infatuated with the rides.