Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cypress Gardens for free

This is amazing: if you hold an annual pass to any theme park, that gets you FREE admission to Cypress Gardens through the end of 2006:

Buescher also announced a pass exchange program, in which passholders from other parks can experience Cypress Gardens at no charge. Between now and December 24th, 2006, guests can present any other theme park’s valid 2006 pass and receive free admission to Cypress Gardens. And just like the season pass; guests can take advantage of the opportunity as many times as they want. They will also receive a $10 discount off any of the 2007 Passport options.

I've delayed hitting this park, but will definitely go explore it now. And, doubtless, spend money on the food. And possibly buy a regular annual pass, if the experience is any good. So in my case, their gamble may pay off.