Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Additions to Uni and IOA

I'm hearing increased whispers that the replacement for Universal's Back to the Future Ride (Florida, not California) will be Simpsons after all, not Fast and the Furious. Makes sense, given the upcoming Simpsons movie.

And these whispers are also saying something about major changes coming to Islands of Adventure. Potentially one of the "islands" is getting a major facelift, but I haven't heard yet which one. Spider-Man and Hulk are such crowd pleasers, it can't be Marvel Island. The kids are happy with Seuss. Fire and Ice is such a draw, and the theming is so good in this corner. Likewise the theming in Jurassic Park seems so timeless, but Jurassic Park is a good contender. Either that, or the Toon area home to Ripsaw Falls.

I think the toons because:
1. it lacks much of an identity now (who knows all these characters?)
2. Ripsaw Falls has been neutered followed an accident on the final drop, so they tamed it
3. there just isn't a signiture ride here like there is in other places.

Still, I'm just speculating. It will be interesting to see what happens.