Monday, December 10, 2007

FastPass, PhotoPass, Photo Locations, and Recycling

A real potpourri today:

1. Stitch FastPasses may not be networked to the whole system. I got a Jungle Cruise FP just for the souvenir, and was told I could get another one at 3:40. But at 3:20 I thought to myself I'd get a Stitch souvenir, the kind saying 'you aren't eligible for a FP yet!' but to my surprise, I got a FastPass. Either Stitch or JC is not on the network. I asked the Stitch CM and he said something completely unhelpful (wow, I guess you got really lucky!), so I'm stymied.

2. PhotoPass CMs are taking over the streets. As you walk down Main St, there is not one, not two, but more like six PhotoPass CMs that you pass on the way to Fantasyland. At first I wanted to complain about this nonsense. But there were actual lines for the PhotoPass folks at a couple points, so maybe the market really wants this. I do agree with the notion of a Photopass, but somehow it just feels like overkill already.

3. You know those Kodak Photo Locations? I always joked that the signs almost imply you should stand next to the sign and pose WITH the sign rather than with the object in the background (ie, the castle). Well, just yesterday I saw a family doing this very thing. It was a photo location, they must have reasoned to themselves, so they took a picture with the sign. The castle was not in the photo, as the photographer was standing at totally the wrong angle.

4. Since we're talking about those kinds of visitors, I'll share this one. When I came under the train station, I was behind a father, mother, and 14 year old girl. The father said, "should we go to the Magic Kingdom?" I would have bet my whole bank account he was being deadpan. Without skipping a beat, the mother said "yes, sure, where is it?" and the father replied "behind the castle, I think".

I edged away from them before they could infect me with whatever they had.

5. I saw an unusual sight in Adventureland: near the eggroll cart (oops, it only sells turkey legs now!) there is a new thing, a trashcan that is fused together with a recycling can. On first glance, it looks like two cans shoved together, but nope, it's really a double-wide thing. I approve of recycling cans being in the parks. I hope this takes off more. Someday, every trashcan could have recycling right next to it. Fine by me.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Give Kids the World... for Christmas!

The Disney online community came together several months ago to raise money for a charity, Give Kids the World Village (a resort that hosts many children and families visiting the Orlando area from Wish-Granting organizations, including the big ones whose names you know).

Since it's the holiday season, it's time to see if there's a bit more money around for the children. Please help! Every little bit helps.

(You webmasters out there can also help by either linking to this page, or creating your own 'widget' that lets you run your own fundraising page for this very worthy cause).

Thanks all in advance. Happy holidays!